A Healthcare Call Center
Meeting the Communication
Needs of Life Sciences Companies

A Healthcare Call Center
Meeting the Communication
Needs of Life Sciences Companies

A Healthcare Call Center
Meeting the Communication
Needs of Life Sciences Companies

A Healthcare Call Center
Meeting the Communication
Needs of Life Sciences Companies

Diligent Heath Solutions is a multifaceted healthcare call center with a long history of providing communication services to pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, medical technology companies and healthcare organizations.

Our healthcare call center—staffed by nurses, PharmDs, pharmaceutical sales representatives, customer care communicators, and patient services representatives—is supported by subject matter experts and highly experienced client services and operational management professionals.

Unsurpassed Experience, Unwavering Commitment

We understand industry challenges, and provide innovative solutions to meet the communication needs of life science services companies.

We have an abiding respect for quality, as we know a solution is of no value unless it’s delivered with consistently excellent quality.

We are experts in healthcare call center services, with a deep knowledge of the elements needed to ensure success.

We are a true partner, continually investing in people, process, and technology to provide our clients with the most effective solutions.

A Foundation of Knowledge and Experience

  • Understanding the shifting landscape faced by life sciences companies. We keep current on the trends that impact life science companies, including patient-centric models, the value of innovative partnerships, and the changing regulatory environment.

  • Providing second-to-none account management. Our tried-and-true program management methodologies and laser-focus on clients’ spoken and unspoken needs ensure well-conceived, adeptly-launched and expertly-executed programs and services.

  • Providing staff with comprehensive front-line training. In addition to in-depth program-specific training, we understand the critical importance of providing our Specialists with strong foundational knowledge about the industries they serve.

  • Developing audit-ready processes. Through the creation of and compliance with robust Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), we are always in a high state of preparedness for audits conducted by regulatory agencies and our clients’ internal auditors.

  • Implementing communication-enhancing technologies. Our multi-channel communication capabilities give consumers, patients, caregivers, and health care professionals flexibility in how they communicate with our Specialists on any issue at any given point in time.

“There’s never been a better time to provide life sciences companies with the right people and the latest technology to best serve their needs and those of the people they serve—patients, caregivers, and health care professionals.” –CEO Mary Anne Greenberg

Client Testimonials

Diligent has proven to be a very responsive and collaborative business partner, tailoring their operation to our needs and providing excellent service while consistently keeping the lines of communication open.

Bill M.
Manager, Medical Information & Communications

I really appreciate the proactivity that my account management team has shown.

Jonathon F.
Marketing Manager

My experience with Diligent is positive. The account managers are very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful.

Tom M.
Senior Manager, Quality

We are so grateful to be working with Diligent! The team is knowledgeable, attentive and always professional! It is such a pleasure to work with your team!

Sherry S.
Director of Medical Communications

Quality of service is extremely high. They are our partners and are always willing to help in any way they can.

Gina P.
Director of Global Sales

The entire staff has been very responsive to our needs and has developed a wonderful rapport with our staff.

Bill M.
Manager, Medical Information & Communications

Please share with the team of nurses supporting our medicines — you all indeed make a difference! Happy Nurse’s Week!

Susan L.
Senior Director, US Medical Information

The team was impressed with today’s business review.  I’m planning on sending the review to other Brand leaders in the organization along with your contact information.

Dominic P.
Vice President, Commercial Sales

Diligent is the best kept secret!

Monica C.
Digital Consultant

Thank you for participating in our commercial strategy breakout session. Diligent’s senior team was impactful in shaping our plans for this coming year!

Pete M.
National Sales Manager