Case Studies

Concierge program for ultra-rare disease

A recently-launched drug for an ultra-rare disease was shown to be an effective alternative to surgery but was underprescribed, due (at least in part) to a lack of awareness by HCPs of its therapeutic efficacy.

Learn how nurses educated HCPs while introducing a patient concierge program that included discussions on improving health outcomes.

Medical information and PV management awarded based on reputation and expertise

A multi-national women’s medical device company acquired a contraceptive product from the portfolio of a current Diligent client. Our client recommended Diligent to the acquiring company based on our long history of successfully handling medical inquiries and adverse events associated with the product.  In addition to handling Medical Information, Diligent was asked to select and manage a PV vendor on behalf of the client.

Learn how Diligent met the MI and PV needs during the transition and beyond.

Supporting patients through treatment side effects

An emerging pharma company with an oncology drug in late-stage clinical trials and a limited budget began planning their outsourcing strategy. The drug had promising efficacy but only if patients could endure the side effects that often occurred in the early months of treatment.

Learn how a highly-skilled team, using text and phone, provided a cost-effective patient concierge program to educate patients on the expected adverse effects and their typical duration. Also learn how that program led to providing an efficient suite of interrelated solutions, including Medical Information, 24/7 patient support, virtual MSL services, and conference/symposium support.