Case Studies

Hybrid sales representatives fill gaps and increase sales

A mid-sized pharma company had a product in a highly-competitive environment. There were many uncalled-on tier 2 and tier 3 doctors thinly spread across the country.

Learn how hybrid sales representatives engaged with doctors and their staff on a regular basis and significantly increased sales.

Extending use of legacy product through proactive HUB strategy

A device company was in the process of replacing a product with one that had more advanced technology. The use of the legacy device’s peripherals needed to be extended as long as possible to fund the introduction of the new technology.

Learn how a proactive, technology-driven HUB strategy was able to extend the use of the legacy product by working with patients, doctors, and payors to ensure coverage and expedite the reimbursement process.

Patient support program improves adherence

Due to limited interaction between doctors and patients, the manufacturer of a women’s health product identified the need for a comprehensive patient support program.

Learn how the program filled a gap by providing education and support to patients via multiple communication channels, and the positive impact the program had on adherence to therapy.