Commercial Services

Diligent Health Solutions has earned a reputation for providing successful Commercial sales teams aligned with today’s best strategies.

We attract and retain top talent while using clever and customized technology to meet the business needs of each client. Services provided range from informing practices of formulary changes and sample availability to ongoing interaction with physicians to deliver complex scientific information.


HUB Reimbursement

Our concierge HUB services are delivered by tenured, highly trained case managers with a deep commitment to helping patients. Using leading technology, our case managers enthusiastically help patients access therapy. Our reporting dashboards provide data, insights, and trends—allowing our clients to stay fully informed from both a present and looking-forward perspective.

Field Reimbursement Representatives

With a focus on resolving barriers to access and treatment, Diligent Health Solutions’ Field Reimbursement Specialists provide support and education to HCPs and their key staff. They often work in collaboration with the other functional areas within the client company, such as Field Sales, Market Access, and HUB.

Patient Engagement

Patients are our passion. Our patient engagement solutions educate and support, leading to better health outcomes. They are each uniquely designed to meet a specific need, such as providing instruction on home injection or infusion, assisting patients gain access to therapy for a rare disease, or visiting HCP offices and clinics to provide education on programs that support access to patient treatment.

Commercial Services

Patient Engagement Solutions

E-detailing, Hybrid, and Virtual Pharmaceutical Sales Solutions

Pharma HUB Services

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