Commercial Services

Measuring & Achieving Success

Activity is Not the Same as Success


For our Commercial solutions, success is measured by results—the achievement of the program’s goals as established by our clients. We do not equate “activity” with success.

Depending on the nature and objectives of the program, success could be:

  • An increase in sales or market share for the supported therapy
  • Demonstrably meaningful engagements with HCPs, influencers, patients, and caregivers
  • An increase in therapy adherence

Multi-Faceted Approach


We achieve success through a multi-faceted approach, which includes:

  • Clear setting of expectations with Specialists with intense, continual focus on observation and coaching
  • Flexible, cloud-based and highly-integrated technology, designed with one goal in mind: to support our clients’ communication, data-tracking, and reporting needs
  • Partnering with technology innovators that share our passion for creating the best and most efficient customer experience for all voice, video, and digital communication channels

Additional Commercial Services