Commercial Services

Field Reimbursement Specialists

Access to therapy is a critical component of health outcomes.

With their deep knowledge of payer protocols and extensive training on billing and coding practices, Diligent Health Solutions’ Field Reimbursement Specialists provide access-related support and education to HCPs and key staff. With a focus on resolving barriers to access and treatment,  Field Reimbursement Specialists proactively identify ways to help offices navigate product fulfillment, the appeals process, and reimbursement policies.

The services of our Field Reimbursement Specialists can be provided in the field, virtually, or through a hybrid approach. This solution can be particularly effective when a focused plan of action to smooth the access pathway is needed, including:

  • The launch of a new product
  • Change in health care plan formularies
  • The addition of or changes to a Patient Assistance program
  • The implementation of HCP-facing reimbursement portals


Field Reimbursement Specialists collaborate with other functional areas, including Field Sales, Market Access, and HUB.

The length of the engagement is fully customizable to meet client needs. Short-term deployment may be appropriate to communicate changes in health plan formularies or to deliver messages rapidly to offices not covered by field sales staff. Longer term engagements may focus on the evaluation of payer and reimbursement policies and providing the associated guidance to HCPs and their staff.