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Patient Engagement Services

Uniquely Designed Strategies


In collaboration with our clients, we create and implement multi-faceted, multi-channel patient engagement services designed to educate and support, leading to greater adherence to therapy and better health outcomes.

At Diligent, all strategies are unique, customized to the goals of our clients and the patients they serve. We have expertise in all components of effective patient engagement services, provided in person or virtually, including:

  • Disease state education
  • Medication education and support
  • Training and support of wearable medical devices
  • Understanding and coping with side effects
  • Therapy support for new patients through scheduled calls with nurses
  • Patient counseling and behavior modification
  • Hospital pre-admission and post-discharge communication, including refill reminders

Built-to-fit Technology

These programs serve patient populations from ultra-rare diseases to complex chronic illnesses, and our clients seek patient engagement services that are effective yet cost-sensitive. The well-planned use of technology helps to achieve this goal. It begins with the establishment of multiple communication channels, including phone, text messaging, email, webchat, digital patient engagement platforms, and video.

The real value comes with developing a technology strategy that is both clever and adaptable. Depending on the patient demographic, the stage of their treatment journey, and the type of patient engagement service being provided, specific communication channels can take on added relevance.

For example:

  • Secure and compliant CRM to track and collect patient interactions performed in-person or virtually
  • Text messaging is often preferred by patients who have a simple question but limited time.
  • Email is an efficient way for Patient Engagement Specialists to share educational or support material.
  • Video calls are the perfect communication channel when sight and sound are both important.

The highly valuable “voice of the patient” should always be captured through all communication channels, leading to more vigorous data and deeper insights.

Delivering the Right Message
at the Right Time


The key is for the program to be designed so that patients and Specialists can easily pivot from one channel to another as relationships are being created and maintained—so that the right technology can be used at the right time to deliver the right message.

Patient engagement services also serve as a strategy for HCP engagement. HCPs are typically highly receptive to these types of programs, as they improve adherence, provide a highly-trained, knowledgeable source of information for patient inquiries, and can reduce the burden on the HCP staff.

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