Commercial Services

Field-Based, Virtual and Hybrid Pharmaceutical Sales Solutions

Our field-based, virtual, and hybrid (virtual and field combined) sales solutions are driven by our clients’ business goals and budgets. We listen and ask incisive questions. Once we have a complete understanding of the objectives, we leverage our decades of experience to provide a customized strategic plan.

Our decades of experience in providing sales solutions have fine-tuned our ability to build a team best suited to meet its objectives. Our programs are staffed by sales representatives with the right profile and experience for the specific business need—including product launches, mature products, increased share of voice, varying levels of demand due to seasonality, changes in office access, vacant territories, and field-based staffing fluctuations.

Experience & Flexibility

Our reputation in the industry for engaged senior leadership, expert sales managers, and strong account management makes us attractive to experienced and successful pharmaceutical sales professionals looking for a long-term, stable opportunity. Coupling our extensive database of potential candidates with behavior-based panel interviews allows us to hire the people best-suited for the specific role.

While we respect that some sales programs may be driven by a call guide, we are adept at recruiting representatives who—after training and certification provided by our client and Diligent—can speak to HCPs conversationally about a specific disease state and/or therapy.

Our Salesforce platform allows for the collection of data not typically captured in field-based sales CRMs; for example: time spent on a specific call element tied to outcomes, engagements with practice influencers, objections presented and overcome, and reimbursement-related questions. The capture of this data results in enhanced reporting.

Meeting Client Needs

Our field-based, virtual, and hybrid sales solutions are tailored to the goals of our client partners and include:

  • HCP Engagements. Providing HCPs with scientific information about a specific therapy or device via a number of channels, including phone, digital, mail, text, click to chat, and click to talk.
  • Profiling. Pre-launch identification and analysis of key prescriber targets.
  • HCP Education & Awareness. Providing educational messages on new therapies approved by the FDA or therapies that have received an expanded approval.
  • Formulary Changes. Notifying HCPs of major formulary changes for generic and brand-name drugs.
  • Rx-to-OTC Switch. Notifying HCPs of drugs in the process of transferring from prescription to non-prescription status.
  • Drug Sampling. Offering drug samples to licensed practitioners in accordance with client processes and federal regulations.

Additional Commercial Services