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Diligent Health Solutions specializes in providing well-designed, expertly executed customer care services to companies with health-focused products.

Over-the-counter medicines



Medical devices


Animal health products

We also provide customer care solutions to health-focused foundations, associations and non-profit organizations, and to health insurance companies to support their members and insureds’ need for information and action.

Our specialists build and protect our clients’ brands through high-touch, concierge-type customer interactions.

Diligent is a certified HIPAA service provider with a 25+ year history of handling highly complex, highly regulated programs on behalf of Life Sciences companies.

We apply the same level of diligence to our customer care programs. Our omnichannel communication strategy includes inbound and outbound phone calls, online fax, webchat, email, traditional mail, video, text messaging, self-service, and social media. Our offices in the US and the EU allow us to serve our clients’ international needs.

Our client partnerships are well-established and often decades long. The reasons include:

Right person. Each customer care program has its own staffing requirements based on the level of complexity and type and breadth of knowledge needed. Working in collaboration with our clients, we create a specific hiring profile to ensure the right people are providing customer care services on their behalf.

Right training. In addition to in-depth program-specific training, we understand the critical importance of providing our specialists with strong foundational knowledge about the industry they serve.

Right coaching. We set clear expectations with our customer care specialists, followed by intense, continual focus on observation, coaching and development.

Right technology. We utilize flexible, cloud-based, and highly-integrated technology designed to empower the customer and to support our clients’ communication, datatracking, and reporting needs. We continually seek out and evaluate innovation, sharing it with our clients to ensure they have access to leading processes and technologies.

Right culture. We have built our culture around five simple words: “Do the right thing, always.” In a healthy culture, everyone feels they are part of something worthwhile and are proud of their work and that of others within the company— and also have some fun along the way.

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