Customer Acquisition

Diligent works with our clients’ marketing and strategy teams to develop contact center programs that support their customer acquisition initiatives.

Depending on the specific goals, a combination of acquisition focused communication channels can be utilized, including outbound phone calls, webchat, email, text messaging, and social media.

Our long history of providing commercial services to the Life Sciences industry contributes to our success in driving customer acquisition.

Through listening and asking insightful questions, we gain a complete understanding of what needs to be accomplished and collaborate with our client to develop a customized, multifaceted strategic plan.

At Diligent, customer acquisition programs are staffed by specialists with industry experience and the right profile for the client’s specific business need.

The programs are typically designed to dovetail with our Product Support & Retention offering, for an approach that views the entire customer experience in a holistic way.

Additional Customer Care

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Product Recall Support

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