Diligent Health Solutions Expands Customer Care Services Internationally


Bucks County, PA, Chantilly, VA, and Dublin, Ireland —September 22nd 2022—

Diligent Health Solutions, a global communication center serving the Life Sciences industry, is expanding its Customer Care offering in North America, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

Mary Anne Greenberg, CEO of Diligent Health Solutions, says, “For over 25 years, Diligent has provided comprehensive Customer Care services to companies with a broad range of health-related products, including over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, medical devices, wearables, and animal health products. Our Customer Care division is expanding to meet the growing need for in-country professionals to address complex and technical inquiries from consumers.”

“This carefully-planned international expansion is possible because of our commitment to building teams staffed with highly-trained, wired-for-service specialists using technology that both empower the consumer and support our clients’ data collection and reporting needs,” says Denise Dixon, Diligent’s Global COO. “We also focus on maintaining our healthy culture, in which everyone—regardless of their role or geographic location—feels they are part of a worthwhile endeavor.”

In addition to Customer Care, Diligent offers Medical Affairs and Commercial solutions, including medical information, patient engagement programs, commercial field and virtual sales, virtual and field nurse educators, and HUB services.

For more information about Diligent Health Solutions’ Customer Care services, please visit www.diligenthealthsolutions.com/customer-care/.

To connect with Business Development, please email info@diligenthealthsolutions.com.




Contact: Mary Anne Greenberg
Diligent Health Solutions

(215) 353 8532