Medical Affairs

Medical Information Contact Center Services

Supported by innovative technology and guided by deep industry knowledge, well-defined processes, and a strong commitment to quality, the healthcare professionals who staff Diligent’s Medical Information contact center expertly answer questions and handle requests from the people who use, prescribe, or support our clients’ products.

  • Pharmaceutical Medical Information services provided by highly-trained healthcare professionals, including nurses and PharmDs.
  • Communication via multiple channels: phone, online fax, webchat, email, video, text messaging, digital patient engagement platforms, and social media.
  • Validated cloud-based CRMs integrated with a broader Medical Affairs platform captures reportable and actionable data.
  • Self-service HCP engagement platforms provide health care professionals 24/7 access to information.
  • Version-controlled response letters and other informational material shared as appropriate—either electronically or in hardcopy.

In developing medical information contact center services in collaboration with our clients, we are mindful of the following principles and strategies:

  • Repetitive, simple questions can be addressed by a technology-driven solution—such as AI—with Medical Information staff utilized to handle more complex contacts.
  • In high volume programs, Customer Care “triage” teams can answer less-complex questions, while escalating more complex questions to an HCP-staffed team.
  • There is great value in the data gathered from patient and HCP contacts (“the voice of the customer”) received by Medical Information teams. The resulting reporting can translate questions and comments into actions that help life science companies serve patients and HCPs in a more informed and more comprehensive way.

Additional Medical Affairs Services