RRD International is now part of the US Uniphar Group along with Diligent Health Solutions



Date: February 18 2021

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Diligent Health Solutions

(215) 353 8532


Bucks County, PA and Chantilly, VA—Uniphar plc, Diligent’s parent company, has acquired RRD International, a specialized product development company providing strategic and operational support to biopharmaceutical companies and investors.

As does Diligent, RRD will continue to operate autonomously while leveraging the resources and reach of Uniphar.

Mary Anne Greenberg, CEO of Diligent Health Solutions, says, “We are delighted that RRD International is now a sister company to Diligent. RRD’s expertise in the entire product development process—from scientific and strategic input to operational execution— helps their clients achieve key approval milestones more efficiently and in a more rapid fashion. We look forward to leveraging their knowledge to help our own clients with any similar needs.”

Scott Tarrant, CEO of RRD International says “We’re looking forward to collaborating with Diligent Health Solutions to enhance how we can deliver value to our partners beyond RRD’s traditional development focus through human proof-of-concept (hPOC).”

Diligent Health Solutions, a communication center serving the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries, offers a wide range of solutions including medical information, HUB services, patient engagement programs and hybrid nurse educators, and pharmaceutical sales.

For more information and to contact Diligent Health Solutions, please visit their website at diligenthealthsolutions.com.

For more information and to contact RRD International:


Kim Lager: klager@rrdintl.com